Slim Forever – For Women: Subliminal Self-Help
It's a scientific fact: subliminal persuasion works. Now you can lose weight anywhere, anytime--without dieting. Play SLIM FOREVER on your CD player as you dress in the morn [...]
The Blind Assassin
Man Booker Prize, Fiction, 2000 For the past 25 years, Margaret Atwood has written works of striking originality and imagination. In The Blind Assassin, she stretches the limi [...]
Maid for the Billionaire: Book 1 of the Legacy Collection
In Maid for the Billionaire Dominic Corisi knew instantly that Abigail Dartley was just the distraction he was looking for, especially since having her took a bit more persuad [...]
No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame
Janet Lansbury is unique among parenting experts. As an RIE teacher and student of pioneering child specialist Magda Gerber, her advice is not based solely on formal studies a [...]
Frog and Toad CD Audio Collection (I Can Read! – Level 2)
There's nothing like a best friend . . . Frog and Toad, those famous pals, are beloved by generations of children. Their every adventure is filled with the magic of true frien [...]
Philosophy and Intellectual History: Philosophy of Religion, Parts 1- 3, Course Guidebook (The Great Courses)
Religion / Debate Religion Click Here For More Information [...]
Smile at Fear: A Retreat with Pema Chodron on Discovering Your Radiant Self-Confidence
We all have fears, but when we look closely at them, we discover that behind each fear resides a basic fear of ourselves. We’re afraid to look at our habitual styles of thin [...]
Touch the Top of the World: A Blind Man’s Journey to Climb Farther Than the Eye Can See
Erik Weihenmayer is a world-class athlete: an acrobatic skydiver, long-distance biker, and marathon runner, skier, mountaineer, ice climber, and rock climber. He was the first [...]
The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use “Plain English” to Rob You Blind
David Cay Johnston has made a name for himself as the defender of the common man, calling out the rich and powerful for cheating the system at the expense of everyone else. Wh [...]
The MacKinnon’s Bride: Highland Brides, Book 1
Descended of the legendary sons of MacAlpin, Iain MacKinnon refuses to bow to the English. When his young son is captured by a minion of the English king, the fierce Scottish [...]