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Finding Pride: Pride, Volume 1

Megan Kimble was traveling a long way to find the next chapter in her life, one that would not include her brother, Matt. Losing him now was tragic, even more so since she had finally freed herself from the abuse and the shame of a bad marriage. She had spent years hiding things from Matt, […]

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The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe without Design

Despite the theory‚Äôs age, The Blind Watchmaker is as prescient and timely as ever. The watchmaker belongs to the eighteenth-century theologian, William Paley, who argued that just as a watch is too complicated and functional to have sprung into existence by accident, so too must all living things, with their far greater complexity, be purposefully […]

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The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling, narrated by Glenn Hascall and written by Hans Christian Anderson, is indeed an inspiration to those of us who believe we were born ugly or less talented than our peers. Barnyard abuse, verbal abuse, or bullying: it’s all pretty much the same. This classic piece by Hans Christian Anderson has delighted children […]

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Grimm’s Fairy Tales: Wolf and the Seven Little Kids/Pack of Ragamuffins/Brother and Sister/Three Snake-Leaves/Boots of Buffalo-Leather/Drummer and Others

Here are some of the most enchanting fairy stories of all time. The Brothers Grimm conjure up a world of fantasy, hope and good fortune. Click Here For More Information

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Meditations to Change Your Brain

The structure of your brain changes constantly, in a dynamic, unfolding process that you yourself can direct to create the life you want. This is the exciting premise of Meditations to Change Your Brain, a breakthrough three-CD program from psychologist Rick Hanson, Ph.D., and neurologist Rick Mendius, M.D. Drawing on a vast body of research […]

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Self-Directed Brain Change: Rewire Your Neural Pathways for Happiness and Resilience

Self-Directed Brain Change is based on a significant emerging insight from neuroscience: that to keep our ancestors alive, the human brain evolved to cling to negative experiences like Velcro and shrug off the positive ones like Teflon. The good news, teaches Rick Hanson, is that we can retrain our neural structure out of “sheer survival” […]

Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage

No espionage missions have been kept more secret than those involving American submarines. Now Blind Man’s Bluff shows for the first time how the Navy sent subs wired with self-destruct charges into the heart of Soviet seas to tap crucial underwater telephone cables. It unveils how the Navy’s own negligence might have been responsible for […]

The Marriage Bargain: Billionaire Games, Book 1

Julian de Laurent needs a temporary wife. Camille Chandler needs a job after he inadvertently gets her fired. If she agrees, he’ll pay her five million to marry him. It’s just a business deal, but neither could have foreseen what happens next, especially Camille, when she learns he’s capable of stealing her heart. Click Here […]

Beth Manners’ Magic Spanish for Kids: ages 2-6

Created especially for 2-6 year olds — the best age for language learning!! Young children love to learn languages and “Magic Spanish” sends themn on a magical adventure in Mexico with little Bobby, Maria and the mysterious Senora Magica. Find the magic flowers, play “The Game” and bargain with the Spanish speaking bird, while learning […]

Jean-Paul Sartre: Knowledge Products (Giants of Philosophy) (Library Edition)

Jean-Paul Sartre, a French philosopher, is perhaps the best known advocate of existentialism. In this view, no external authority gives life meaning: mankind is radically free and responsible. In every moment we choose ourselves, with no assurance that we have a continuing identity or power. We set up determinisms to ease our minds, but in […]