100 Great Christmas Shows: Classic Shows from the Golden Era of Radio

Product Description
Oasis Audio has gone into the vaults and dusted off the very earliest form of audio book, old time radio shows, for our listeners. Introduced episode by episode by Jim Engel, old time radio authority and board member of the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, this series of classic radio shows is sure to have something for everyone. Celebrity casts and top-notch writers made the 1920s through the early 1950s, the golden era of radio. The series features seven exciting themes with 100 episodes in each. That is 700 classic radio programs in all.
Join your favorite radio stars under the Christmas tree. Enjoy Bing Crosby, Amos & Andy, The Father Knows Best family, The Great Gildersleeve, Fibber McGee & Molly, and more, even Al Jolson and Boris Karloff. Hear legendary performer Lionel Barrymore as Scrooge. There are no “Bah Humbugs” is this amazing collection of 100 great Christmas classics.
  1. A Christmas Sing with Bing 12-24-57 with Bing Crosby in a program of Christmas music around the world
  2. Fibber McGee & Molly 12-20-54 Babes in Toyland with Jim & Marian Jordan
  3. The Abbott and Costello Show 1948-12-23 Christmas Program
  4. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet 12-19-48 New Radio Phonograph
  5. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 12-21-47 The Adventure of the Christmas Bride with John Stanley
  6. The Aldrich Family 6-18-42 Selling Christmas Cards with Ezra Stone
  7. The Aldrich Family 12-21-52 Christmas Eve with Bobby Ellis
  8. The Amos and Andy Show 12-22-44 Christmas Program with Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll
  9. Authors Playhouse 12-21-41 Christmas by Junction
  10. Boston Blackie 1948-12-22 Stolen Rings at Christmas Time
  11. Broadway Is My Beat 12-24-49 Nick Norman Santa Claus
  12. The Burns and Allen Show 1940-12-23 Christmas Show
  13. Burns And Allen 12-21-43 with Guests, Charles Laughton & Elsa Lanchester
  14. Casey Crime Photographer 12-19-46 Christmas Shopping
  15. Casey Crime Photographer 12-25-47 Santa Claus of Bum Boulevard
  16. The Cavalcade of America 12-22-41 The Green Pastures
  17. The Cavalcade of America 12-25-44 America for Christmas
  18. The CBS Radio Workshop 12-23-56 All is Bright
  19. The Damon Runyon Theatre 12-12-48 Dancing Dan’s Christmas with John Brown
  20. Dragnet 12-22-56 The 22 Rifle for Christmas
  21. Duffy’s Tavern 12-21-45 A Christmas Carol with Ed Archie Gardner
  22. Escape 12-24-47 Back for Christmas
  23. Family Theatre 12-15-48 A Daddy for Christmas
  24. Family Theatre 12-19-51 Lullaby of Christmas
  25. Father Knows Best 12-21-50 Hans Christian Anderson Family Christmas with Robert Young
  26. Father Knows Best 12-24-53 Stranded by Snowstorm
  27. Fibber McGee and Molly 12-24-40 Gildy’s Radio Phonograph
  28. Fibber McGee and Molly 12-15-44 Misplaced Christmas Money
  29. Fibber McGee & Molly 12-18-45 Paints the Christmas Tree White with Jim & Marian Jordan
  30. Fibber McGee & Molly 12-25-45 Gift from Doc Gamble but What Is It with Jim & Marian Jordan
  31. Fibber McGee & Molly 12-6-49 Make His Own Christmas Cards with Jim & Marian Jordan
  32. The Great Gildersleeve 12-21-41 Christmas Gift for Fibber McGee with Hal Peary
  33. The Great Gildersleeve 12-20-42 Christmas Program with Hal Peary
  34. The Great Gildersleeve 12-24-44 Christmas Eve with Hal Peary (3889)
  35. The Great Gildersleeve 12-19-51 Why the Chimes Rang with Willard Waterman
  36. The Greatest Story Ever Told 12-28-47 Flight into Egypt
  37. Gunsmoke 12-20-52 Christmas Story with Conrad
  38. The Hallmark Playhouse 12-23-48 Story of Silent Night with James Hilton
  39. The Harold Lloyd Comedy Theatre 12-24-44 Bachelor Mother with Harold Lloyd
  40. The Harold Peary Show 12-20-50 Playing Santa at The Christmas Party with Hal Peary
  41. Have Gun-Will Travel 12-21-58 Hanging Cross with John Dehner
  42. The Jack Benny Program 12-17-50 Buys Golf Tees for Christmas
  43. The Jack Benny Program 12-23-51 Christmas Tree Decorations
  44. The Jack Benny Program 12-21-52 Setting Up the Christmas Tree
  45. The Jimmy Durante Show 12-24-47 with Guest, Margaret O’Brien
  46. The Kraft Music Hall 12-21-44 Christmas Program
  47. The Kraft Music Hall 12-25-47 Christmas Program with Al Jolson and Guest, Boris Karloff
  48. The Kraft Music Hall 12-23-48 Christmas Program with Al Jolson and Kraft Choral Club
  49. The Life of Riley 12-17-44 Christmas Present with William Bendix
  50. The Life of Riley 12-24-44 Roswell’s A Guest for Christmas with William Bendix
  51. The Life of Riley 12-20-47 First Christmas in A Store Window
  52. The Life of Riley 12-27-47 Family Christmas Present William Bendix
  53. The Life of Riley 12-23-49 Embezzled Money from Christmas Club
  54. Life With Luigi 12-20-49 Christmas Gift for Pasquale with J. Carrol Naish
  55. The Lux Radio Theatre 06-25-44 Christmas in July
  56. Fibber McGee & Molly 12-21-54 Making an Ash of Himself with Jim & Marian Jordan
  57. The Lux Radio Theatre 09-17-45 Christmas Holiday
  58. Fibber McGee & Molly 12-22-54 The Taming of The Shrew with Jim & Marian Jordan
  59. The Lux Radio Theatre 12-24-45 I’ll Be Seeing You
  60. Fiber McGee & Molly 12-23-54 A Star Is Born with Jim & Marian Jordan
  61. Lux Radio Theatre 03-10-47 It’s A Wonderful Life
  62. Fibber McGee & Molly 12-26-54 Your Presence Is Requested with Jim & Marian Jordan
  63. The Marian and Lewis Show 12-21-51 with Dean Martin Jerry Lewis and Guest Helen O’Connell
  64. Milton Berle Show 12-23-47 A Salute to Christmas with Milton Berle
  65. Mr. President 12-25-49 Man at The Gate of The World with Edward Arnold
  66. My Favorite Husband 12-16-49 George’s Christmas Present
  67. My Favorite Husband 12-23-49 Sleigh Ride
  68. My Friend Irma 12-22-47 Christmas Alone with Marie Wilson
  69. My Friend Irma 12-20-48 Irma’s Christmas Party with Marie Wilson
  70. The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 12-22-50 Slaughtered Santas
  71. Night Beat 12-20-50 Christmas Story
  72. Our Miss Brooks 12-18-49 Christmas Letter Contest with Eve Arden
  73. Our Miss Brooks 12-25-49 Magic Christmas Tree with Eve Arden
  74. Our Miss Brooks 12-31-50 Exchanging Presents with Eve Arden
  75. The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show 12-18-49 Christmas Tree in The Mountains
  76. The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show 12-25-49 Christmas Program with Guest, Jack Benny
  77. The Radio City Playhouse 12-25-49 ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
  78. The Red Skelton Show 12-24-46 Christmas Program with Red Skelton
  79. Richard Diamond, Private Detective 12-21-51 A Christmas Carol with Dick Powell
  80. Rocky Fortune 12-22-53 Plot to Murder Santa Claus with Frank Sinatra
  81. The Saint 12-24-50 Santa Claus Is No Saint
  82. The Screen Directors Playhouse 12-23-49 Miracle on 34 Th Street with Edmund Gwenn
  83. The Six-Shooter 12-20-53 Britt Ponsett’s Christmas Carol
  84. Stars Over Hollywood 12-22-51 A Christmas Carol
  85. Suspense 12-20-45 Double Entry
  86. Suspense 12-21-50 Christmas for Carol
  87. Suspense 12-21-53 ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas with Greer Garson
  88. Suspense 12-20-55 The Cave with John Dehner and Dick Beals
  89. Suspense 12-21-58 Out for Christmas with Raymond Burr
  90. Suspense 12-20-59 A Korean Christmas Carol with Bill Lipton
  91. Tales of The Texas Rangers 12-23-51 Christmas Playoff with Joel McCrea
  92. Theatre Of Romance 12-24-55 Richer by One Christmas with Virginia Gregg
  93. Theatre Royal 12-24-53 A Christmas Carol with Laurence Olivier
  94. This Is Your FBI 12-22-50 Return of St. Nick with Stacy Harris
  95. This Is Your FBI 12-21-51 Innocent Santa Claus with Stacy Harris
  96. The Treasury Star Parade 12-25-42 A Modern Scrooge with Lionel Barrymore
  97. Twenty First Precinct 12-22-45 The Giver with Everett Sloane
  98. The Whistler 12-23-46 Next Year Is Mine with Frank Lovejoy
  99. The Whistler 12-24-47 Decision with Cathy Lewis
  100. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 12-23-56 The Missing Mouse Matter with Bob Bailey

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