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Audiobooks are perfect for self development. From practical methods for health and weight-loss to motivational encouragement to increase sales, there are self-help audiobooks for you

When I was a boy, before I could read, I used to play records. . . all the time.  I listened to stories and fairy tales and I learned things like the names and sounds of the musical instruments in an orchestra. Tubby the tuba was one of my favorites.  I don’t know how many times I listened to a complete episode of Hopalong Cassidy.

Looking back, as much as our lives might have been shaped by Television,  I think a bigger part of my life was spent playing records.  To be sure, I loved, and still love music, and I used to listen to a lot of different music records.  But I really got my start with talking records – audiobooks.

First it was fairy tales and children’s stories, as I mentioned above.  Later I got a record made by a popular baseball player teaching me how to swing a bat.  Then, for school,  we got records for learning Spanish.  (And I still remember the first dialogue.)

After that, you could not separate me from records of my favorite humorist and stand-up comedian at the time, Bill Cosby.   What he has become today is not what he was – to me – years ago, in the days of my youth.  I must have memorized his stories about his childhood – like “Chickenheart” – because he spoke to me like nobody else could back then.

I have since listened to audiobooks made by inspirational speakers – like Tony Robbins – and training audios meant to teach me how to sell. I have listened to relaxation audios, and audio books with subliminal messages and brain entrainment sounds.

And of course there are the good old books.  The novels, the short stories, the biographies. It is so, so COOL when a story is read by the original author. It’s one thing to read a great autobiography like “Dreams From My Father” by Barack Obama.  But it’s another world when you hear Obama himself read his own book, and tell his own story.

For sure, audiobooks have been a big part of my life, bringing hours and hours of enjoyment as well as knowledge.  With this website and store (see I really hope to bring you into an amazing world – a world formed inside your own imagination – a world you can experience by listening and hearing.  Because it’s all on audiobooks.

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