100 Great Comedy Shows: Classic Shows from the Golden Era of Radio

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Oasis Audio has gone into the vaults and dusted off the very earliest form of audio book, old time radio shows, for our listeners. Introduced episode by episode by Jim Engel, old time radio authority and board member of the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, this series of classic radio shows is sure to have something for everyone. Celebrity casts and top-notch writers made the 1920s through the early 1950s, the golden era of radio. The series features seven exciting themes with 100 episodes in each. That is 700 classic radio programs in all.
Roll on the floor with laughter with comedy legends such as Abbott & Costello, George Burns & Gracie Allen, Ozzie and Harriet, Jack Benny, Bob & Ray and so many more in one collection.

100 Great Comedy Shows
  1. The Abbott & Costello Show 12-16-43 with Guest Lynn Bari
  2. The Abbott & Costello Show 10-4-45 Lou Promises His Girlfriend A Job
  3. The Abbott & Costello Show 03-14-46 Lou Has to Pay Income Tax
  4. The Abbott & Costello Show 02-13-47 Costello the Sailor
  5. The Abbott & Costello Show 3-27-47 Costello Invests in The Stock Market
  6. The Abbott & Costello 3-10-48 Photo Album and Tax Collector
  7. The Adventures of Maisie 4-5-51 Nick the Creek with Ann Sothern
  8. The Adventures of Maisie 4-26-51 Manganese Gold Mine with Ann Sothern
  9. The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet 8-12-45 The Antique Vase
  10. The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet 10-31-48 Haunted House
  11. The Aldrich Family 1-27-49 Formal Wear with Ezra Stone
  12. The Aldrich Family 2-3-49 Shoveling Snow with Ezra Stone
  13. The Amos N Andy Show 5-10-53 Cabin in Connecticut
  14. The Amos N Andy Show 5-17-53 Proxy Marriage
  15.  The Amos N Andy Show 10-4-53 Coat Checking Concession
  16. The Amos N Andy Show 11-1-53 Cat Burglar
  17. The Amos N Andy Show 11-8-53 Sapphires Old Boy Friend
  18. The Amos N Andy Show 11-15-53 Kingfish Wrecks Leroy’s Car
  19. The Bickersons Aka Its Dream Time 3-16-47 with Don Ameche & Frances Langford
  20. The Bickersons Aka Its Dream Time 3-2-47 with Don Ameche & Frances Langford
  21. The Bickersons Aka Its Dream Time 4-13-47 with Don Ameche & Frances Langford
  22. The Bickersons Aka Its Dream Time 5-18-47 with Don Ameche & Frances Langford
  23. The Burns & Allen Show 2-1-44 with Willian Powell
  24. The Burns & Allen Show 2-8-44 with Adolph Menjou
  25. The Burns & Allen Show 1-15-45 Crush on Alan Ladd
  26. The Burns & Allen Show 1-22-45 Beverly Hills Uplift Society
  27. The Burns & Allen Show 10-4-45 Dating Advice
  28. The Burns & Allen Show 12-19-46 Gracie Looks for A Job
  29. The Charlie McCarthy Show 10-12-47 with Linda Darnell
  30. The Charlie McCarthy Show 10-19-47 with Jane Wyman
  31. The Danny Kaye Show 2-17-45 Teaching A New Dog Old Tricks
  32. The Danny Kaye Show 2-24-45 Opening Night
  33. The Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Show 4-28-53 with Laraine Day
  34. The Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Show 5-5-53 with Anne Baxter
  35. The Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Show 5-12-53 with Joanne Dru
  36. The Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Show 5-19-53 Fred MacMurray
  37. Duffy’s Tavern 2-9-49 Three Days to Live with Ed Gardner
  38. Duffy’s Tavern 2-16-49 Old School Mate Visits with Ed Gardener
  39. The Eddie Cantor Show AKA Time to Smile 1-19-44 with John Garfield
  40. The Eddie Cantor Show AKA Time to Smile 1-26-44 with Herbert Marshall
  41. Father Knows Best 6-22-50 A New Housekeeper with Robert Young
  42. Father Knows Best 6-29-50 New Arrangements with Robert Young
  43. Fibber McGee & Molly 10-16-45 Getting A Pullman Reservation
  44. Fibber McGee & Molly 10-23-45 Cousin Ernest Visits
  45. Fibber McGee & Molly 2-5-46 Ice Skating at Dungan’s Lake
  46. Fibber McGee & Molly 2-12-46 Fibber’s New Suit
  47. The Ford Theatre 03-04-49 The Horn Blows at Midnight with Jack Benny
  48. The Couple Next Door 01-2-58 Kendalls Are Suing with Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce
  49. The Fred Allen Show 10-11-39 with Bert Lahr (Track 1)
  50. The Fred Allen Show 10-11-39 with Bert Lahr (Track 2)
  51. Bob & Ray 10 Radio Script Writing School with Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding
  52. The Great Gildersleeve 10-1-47 Teaching Leroy Finance with Hal Peary
  53. The Great Gildersleeve 10-8-47 Beautiful Women at Bullards with Hal Peary
  54. The Great Gildersleeve 10-15-47 Marjorie’s Babysitting Assignment with Hal Peary
  55. The Great Gildersleeve 10-22-47 Gildy Wants to Better Himself with Hal Peary
  56. The Great Gildersleeve 10-29-47 Halloween Party with Hal Peary
  57. The Great Gildersleeve 11-5-47 Hayride with Hal Peary
  58. The Halls of Ivy 03-03-50 Hall Gives Advice to the Lovelorn with Ronald & Benita Colman
  59. The Halls of Ivy 03-10-50 The Home Fires or the Footlights with Ronald & Benita Colman
  60. The Jack Benny Program 3-6-49 A Day at The Races with Jack Benny
  61. The Jack Benny Program 3-13-49 After the Races with Jack Benny
  62. The Jack Benny Program 1-03-54 Going to The Rose Bowl in The Maxwell with Jack Benny
  63. The Jack Benny Program 1-17-54 Parking Ticket with Jack Benny
  64. The Jack Benny Program 4-11-54 Jack Is Worried About His Contract with Jack Benny
  65. The Jack Benny Program 5-09-54 Annual Picnic with Jack Benny
  66. The Life of Riley 5-29-48 Buying A Car with Gillis with William Bendix
  67. The Life of Riley 6-12-48 Babs Graduation with William Bendix
  68. The Life of Riley 11-17-70 Riley’s First Date with William Bendix
  69. The Life of Riley 11-24-50 Student Riot with William Bendix
  70. Life With Luigi 10-11-49 Columbus Day Play with J Carrol Naish
  71. Life With Luigi 03-24-50 Luigi Has a Cough with J Carrol Naish
  72. The Lux Radio Theatre 5-17-43 The Talk of the Town with Cary Grant Jean Arthur & Ronald Colman
  73. The Easy Aces #222 Jane’s Brother Changes Two Suits to The Goodman with Goodman and Jane Ace
  74. The Lux Radio Theatre 09-10-51 Fancy Pants with Bob Hope & Lucille Ball
  75. The Easy Aces Program #922 Jane Is Writing a Letter to Her Sister Ethel with Goodman and Jane Ace
  76. The Milton Berle Show 12-16-47 A Salute to Department Stores with Milton Berle
  77. The Milton Berle Show 01-6-48 A Salute to Winter Sports with Milton Berle
  78. Mr. And Mrs. Blandings 04-29-51 Mothers of Tomorrow with Cary Grant & Betsy Drake
  79. Mr. And Mrs. Blandings 05-06-51 Rebuilding the Barn with Cary Grant & Betsy Drake
  80. My Favorite Husband 10-23-48 The Quiz Show with Lucille Ball & Richard Dennings
  81. My Favorite Husband 11-20-48 George Attends a Teenage Dance with Lucille Ball & Richard Dennings
  82. My Favorite Husband 12-09-50 Trying to Cash the Prize Check with Lucille Ball & Richard Denning
  83. My Favorite Husband 1950-12-30 Liz Has the Flimjabs with Lucille Ball & Richard Denning
  84. My Friend Irma 2-9-48 Billy Boy the Boxer with Marie Wilson
  85. My Friend Irma 3-29-48 The Big Secret with Marie Wilson
  86. Our Miss Brooks 3-19-50 Auction Mix-Up with Eve Arden
  87. Our Miss Brooks 3-26-50 No Uniforms for Opening Day with Eve Arden
  88. Our Miss Brooks 4-2-50 April Fools TV Set with Eve Arden
  89. Our Miss Brooks 4-9-50 Tint Tomorrow Dye with Eve Arden
  90. Our Miss Brooks 5-7-50 Cold Barbeque with Eve Arden
  91. Our Miss Brooks 5-14-50 Mr. Boynton’s Parents with Eve Arden
  92. The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show 2-5-50 Jump Off Brooklyn Bridge
  93. The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show 2-12-50 Wrong Studio
  94. The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show 10-15-50 Mexican Hairless Dog
  95. The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show 11-5-50 Political Candidates
  96. The Screen Directors Playhouse 2-6-49 Hired Wife with Rosalind Russell
  97. The Screen Directors Playhouse 4-3-49 The Ghost Breakers with Bob Hope
  98. The Screen Directors Playhouse 5-12-50 Butch Minds the Baby Broderick Crawford
  99. The Screen Directors Playhouse 5-19-50 Miss Grant Takes Richmond with Lucille Ball
100. The Screen Guild Players 8-23-43 Skylark with Ginger Rogers & Preston Foster
  1. The Screen Guild Players 1-01-45 Mr. And Mrs. Smith with Preston Foster & Louise Allbritton

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