100 Great Detective Shows: Classic Shows from the Golden Era of Radio

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 Oasis Audio has gone into the vaults and dusted off the very earliest form of audio book, old time radio shows, for our listeners. Introduced episode by episode by Jim Engel, old time radio authority and board member of the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, this series of classic radio shows is sure to have something for everyone. Celebrity casts and top-notch writers made the 1920s through the early 1950s, the golden era of radio. The series features seven exciting themes with 100 episodes in each. That is 700 classic radio programs in all.
Thrill to the hardboiled adventures of Ellery Queen, Philip Marlow, Dragnet, The Man called X, Philo Vance, Rocky Fortune and so many more as heroes fight the bad guys. 100 great Detective classics in one collection.

100 Great Detective Shows
  1. The Adventures of Ellery Queen 1942_10_02 The World Series Crime
  2. The Adventures of Ellery Queen 1948_05_06 One Diamond
  3. The Adventures of Frank Race 1949_07_31 The Adventure of the Vanishing Favorite
  4. The Adventures of Frank Race 1949_08_28 The Adventures of the Generals Lady
  5. The Adventures of Michael Shayne 1945_06_04 Judge Stanton Murdered
  6. The Adventures of Michael Shayne 1945_06_18 Investment in an Invention
  7. The Adventures of Philip Marlowe 1948_10_03 The Persian Slippers
  8. The Adventures of Philip Marlowe 1948_10_10 The Panama Hat
  9. The Adventures of Philip Marlowe 1948_10_24 The Heart of Gold
  10. The Adventures of Philip Marlowe 1948_11_28 The Hard Way Out
  11. The Adventures of Sam Spade Detective 1948_06_27 The Bali Bond Caper
  12. The Adventures of Sam Spade Detective 1948_07_04 The Rush Light Diamond Caper
  13. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes1946_02_18 Camberwell Prisoners
  14. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1946_03_04 Submarine Caves
  15. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1946_04_01 April Fool’s Day Adventure
  16. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1946_04_08 Disappearing Scientists
  17. The Adventures of the Falcon 1950_11_12 The Case of the Widow’s Gorilla
  18. The Adventures of the Falcon 1950_11_26 The Case of the Stooge’s Errand
  19. Barrie Craig Confidential Investigator 1952_02_13 A Time to Kill
  20. Barrie Craig Confidential Investigator 1952_02_20 Motive for Murder
  21. Boston Blackie 1946_09_10 The Backstage Murder
  22. Boston Blackie 1947_04_15 The Phonograph Murder
  23. Boston Blackie 1946_08_06 Jerry Williams Fixed Court Case
  24. Boston Blackie 1946_10_22 Faraday Shot
  25. Box Thirteen 1947_10_17 The First Letter
  26. Box Thirteen 1947_10_24 The Insurance Swindle Adventure (1)
  27. Box Thirteen 1947_10_31 Blackmail is Murder
  28. Box Thirteen 1947_11_07 Actor’s Alibi
  29. Broadway Is My Beat 1950_02_17 Dion Harley Case
  30. Broadway Is My Beat 1950_03_31 Hope Anderson Case
  31. Candy Matson Yukon 28209 1949_11_10 The Devil in the Deep Freeze
  32. Candy Matson Yukon 28209 1949_12_19 Jack Frost
  33. Casey Crime Photographer 1947_04_17 The Box of Death
  34. Casey Crime Photographer 1947_05_22 Pickup
  35. Crime and Peter Chambers 1954_05_18 La Grand Maison Third Booth
  36. Crime and Peter Chambers 1954_06_01 Angela Wentworth’s Uncle
  37. Dick Tracy 1945_09_13 The Case of the Buried Treasure
  38. Dangerous Assignment 1949_07_09 Relief Supplies
  39. Dangerous Assignment 1949_07_16 Sunken Ships
  40. David Harding Counterspy 1951_01_07 Kleptomaniac Clues
  41. David Harding Counterspy 1951_01_14 Captured Contact
  42. Dragnet 1950_03_23 The Big Gangster Part_01
  43. Dragnet 1950_03_30 The Big Gangster Part_02
  44. Dragnet 1952_12_28 The Big Mask Part_01
  45. Dragnet 1952_01_04 The Big Mask Part_02
  46. Gang Busters 1948_06_12 The Park Avenue Pilferers
  47. Gang Busters 1948_09_25 The Cincinnati Narcotics Ring
  48. Inspector Thorne 1951_08_03 Golden Girl Murder Case
  49. Inspector Thorne 1951_08_10 Defrosted Refrigerator Murder Case
  50. Jeff Regan Investigator 1948_11_13 The Guy from Gower Gulch
  51. Jeff Regan Investigator 1948_12_04 The Lawyer and the Lady
  52. Let George Do It 1951_08_27 Murder on Vacation
  53. Let George Do It 1951_01_08 The Man Behind the Frame
  54. The Line Up 1951_09_05 The Pointless Pierson Polemic Polarity Case
  55. The Line Up 1951_09_12 The Senile Slugging Case
  56. The Line Up 1951_10_11 The Frivolous Forger Fracas
  57. The Line Up 1951_10_18 The Nicely Nixed Nixon Case
  58. The Lux Radio Theatre 1943_02_08 The Maltese Falcon
  59. The Man Called X 1951_05_11 Roulette Scheme
  60. The Man Called X 1951_06_15 Rubber Sabotage
  61. The Man from Homicide 1951_07_23 Eddie Kent Case
  62. The Man from Homicide 1951_08_06 Drowned Girl Case
  63. The Mercury Theatre on the Air 1938_09_25 The Immortal Sherlock Holmes
  64. Mr. and Mrs. North 1950s Bet on Murder
  65. Mr. and Mrs. North 1950s Brother Danny
  66. The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 1950_10_27 The Care Worn Cuff
  67. The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 1950_11_03 Dear Dead Lady
  68. The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 1950_11_17 The Careless Cleaner
  69. The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 1950_11_24 The Case of the Beautiful Archer
  70. Pat Novak For Hire 1949_04_09 The Sam Tolliver Case
  71. Pat Novak For Hire 1949_04_16 Go Away Dixie Gillian
  72. Philo Vance Detective 1949_09_06 The Oxford Murder Case
  73. Philo Vance Detective 1949_09_13 The Checkered Murder Case
  74. Philo Vance Detective 1949_09_20 The Penny-Ante Murder Case
  75. Philo Vance Detective 1949_09_27 The Shoeless Murder Case
  76. Richard Diamond Private Detective 1949_07_23 Martin Hewer Case
  77. Richard Diamond Private Detective 1949_08_06 Lynn Knight Case
  78. Richard Diamond Private Detective 1950_04_05 William Logan and the Ivory Statue
  79. Richard Diamond Private Detective 1950_04_13 Man Who Hated Women
  80. Rocky Fortune 1954_02_16 Too Much Married Blond
  81. Rocky Fortune 1954_02_23 Organ Grinder
  82. Rogues Gallery 1945_06_23 McDonald Murder Case
  83. Rogues Gallery 1945_10_25 Murder with Muriel
  84. The Saint 1950_07_30 The Previewed Crime
  85. The Saint 1950_09_10 The Horrible Hamburger
  86. Suspense 1948_01_10 The Kandy Tooth
  87. Tales of the Texas Rangers 1951_05_20 Square Dance
  88. Tales of the Texas Rangers 1951_05_27 Joy Ride
  89. This Is Your FBI 1951_04_06 The Soybean Shakedown
  90. This Is Your FBI 1951_11_09 The Traveling Bride
  91. Under Arrest 1949_02_06 The Sam Carver Case
  92. Under Arrest 1949_08_21 Ruth Cutler’s Burglar
  93. White Hall 1212 1952_04_20 Case of Mrs. Manerva Bannerman
  94. White Hall 1212 1942_05_04 Case of William George Greenley
  95. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 1956_04_16 through 1956_04_20 The Shepherd Mater
  96. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 1956_04_30 though 1956_05_04 The Callicles Matter
  97. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 1956_11_25 The Royal Street Matter
  98. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 1956_12_30 The Squared Circle Matter
  99. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 1958_03_09 The Wayward Moth Matter
100. Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 1958_03_30 The Killer’s List Matter

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