100 Great Western Shows: Classic Shows from the Golden Era of Radio

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Oasis Audio has gone into the vaults and dusted off the very earliest form of audio book, old time radio shows, for our listeners. Introduced episode by episode by Jim Engel, old time radio authority and board member of the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, this series of classic radio shows is sure to have something for everyone. Celebrity casts and top-notch writers made the 1920s through the early 1950s, the golden era of radio. The series features seven exciting themes with 100 episodes in each. That is 700 classic radio programs in all.
100 Great Western Shows
 Hit the dusty trails with the Cisco Kid, Luke Slaughter, Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Tales of the Texas Rangers, Wild Bill Hickok. Follow the original Matt Dillon’s exploits on Gunsmoke, and enjoy the Tales of the Texas Rangers in these great adventures of the old west. 100 great Western classics in one collection.
  1. The Adventures of Red Ryder 2-26-42 The Range War with Reed Hadley
  2. The Adventures of Red Ryder 3-28-42 Trouble in Devil’s Hole with Reed Hadley
  3. The Cisco Kid 1953 Rustlers of The Shoshone with Jack Mather & Harry Lang
  4. The Cisco Kid 1953 Cisco Meets the Sundance Kid with Jack Mather & Harry Lang
  5. The Cisco Kid 1953 Morbid Jones and The Web of Death with Jack Mather & Harry Lang
  6. The Cisco Kid 1953 Wheel of Chance with Jack Mather & Harry Lang
  7. The Cisco Kid 1953 The Vengeance of Laughing Lou with Jack Mather & Harry Lang
  8. The Cisco Kid 1953- Pancho and The Princess with Jack Mather & Harry Lang
  9. Doctor Six-Gun 7-22-54 Colonel Turo and Harvey Frazier with Karl Weber
  10. Doctor Six-Gun 8-5-54 Fred Garth Is Accused of Murder with Karl Weber
  11. Doctor Six-Gun 8-12-54 Valuable Water Rights with Karl Weber
  12. Doctor Six-Gun 8-26-54 The Last of The Aztecs with Karl Weber
  13. Escape 1950_01_30 The Pistol
  14. Escape 1950_05_26 Command
  15. ESCAPE 6-23-50 Sundown with Sam Edwards, Paul Frees & Barton Yarborough
  16. Escape 12-17-50 Wild Jack Rhett with John Dehner Parley Baser and Lou Krugman
  17. Fort Laramie 2-5-56 Squaw Man with Raymond Burr
  18. Fort Laramie 2-12-56 The Woman at Horse Creek with Raymond Burr
  19. Fort Laramie 2-19-56 Boredom with Raymond Burr
  20. Fort Laramie 2-26-56 The Captain’s Widow with Raymond Burr
  21. Fort Laramie 10-7-56 The Galvanized Yankee with Raymond Burr
  22. Fort Laramie 10-14-56 Still Waters with Raymond Burr
  23. Fort Laramie 10-21-56 Indian Scout with Raymond Burr
  24. Fort Laramie 10-28-56 Army Wife with Raymond Burr
  25. Frontier Gentleman 02-09-58 A Meeting with Sitting Bull
  26. Frontier Gentleman 03-09-58 The Claim Jumpers
  27. Frontier Gentleman 03-23-58 Actress
  28. Frontier Gentleman 04-20-58 Aces and Eights
  29. Frontier Gentleman 06-01-58 Duel for A School Marm
  30. Frontier Gentleman 06-08-58 Sheriff Belljoy’s Prisoner
  31. Frontier Gentleman 06-15-58 The Well
  32. Frontier Gentleman 08-10-58 A Wagon Full of Cats
  33. Frontier Gentleman 08-17-58 The Fastest Gun That Never Was AKA The Wonder Boy
  34. Frontier Town 10-17-52 Marie with Jeff Tex Chandler
  35. Frontier Town 10-24-52 The Poisoned Waterhole with Jeff Tex Chandler
  36. Frontier Town 11-21-52 The Opening of Tioga Reserve with Jeff Tex Chandler
  37. Frontier Town 11-28-52 Death and Texas with Jeff Tex Chandler
  38. Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch 1940s Gene Cleans Up Skeleton Pass with Gene Autry
  39. Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch 1940s Grandma Bryan with Gene Autry
  40. Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch 1940s Hermits Crossing with Gene Autry
  41. Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch 1940s Art Richards Killed with Gene’s Gun with Gene Autry
  42. Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch 1940s Carol Barton Is Kidnapped with Gene Autry
  43. Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch 1940s Chief Silver Eagle with Gene Autry
  44. Gunsmoke 11-07-52 Tara
  45. Gunsmoke 11-21-52 Fingered
  46. Gunsmoke 11-29-52 Kitty
  47. Gunsmoke 12-06-52 I Don’t Know
  48. Gunsmoke 01-24-53 The Old Lady
  49. Gunsmoke 01-31-53 Cavalcade
  50. Gunsmoke 08-20-55 Indian Scout
  51. Gunsmoke 08-27-55 Doc Quits
  52. Gunsmoke 09-16-56 Thick N Thin
  53. Gunsmoke 09-23-56 Box O Rocks
  54. Have Gun, Will Travel 6-19-60 Too Too Solid Town with John Dehner
  55. Have Gun, Will Travel 6-26-60 Doctor from Vienna with John Dehner
  56. Have Gun, Will Travel 7-3-60 Dad-Blamed Luck with John Dehner
  57. Have Gun, Will Travel 7-10-60 Five Days to Yuma with John Dehner
  58. Have Gun, Will Travel 7-17-60 Little Guns with John Dehner
  59. Have Gun, Will Travel 7-24-60 Delta Queen with John Dehner
  60. Have Gun, Will Travel 7-31-60 My Son Must Die with John Dehner
  61. Have Gun, Will Travel 8-7-60 Viva with John Dehner
  62. Have Gun, Will Travel 10-9-60 Sam Crow with John Dehner
  63. Have Gun, Will Travel 10-16-60 Stardust with John Dehner
  64. Hopalong Cassidy 04-14-51 Death Crosses the River
  65. Hopalong Cassidy 04-21-51 Stagecoach West
  66. Hopalong Cassidy 04-28-51 The Unwilling Outlaw
  67. Hopalong Cassidy 06-02-51 Hoppy Plays A Hunch
  68. Luke Slaughter of Tombstone 4-27-58 Death Watch with Sam Buffington
  69. Luke Slaughter of Tombstone 5-4-58 Worth Its Salt with Sam Buffington
  70. Luke Slaughter of Tombstone 5-25-58 Outlaw Kid with Sam Buffington
  71. Luke Slaughter of Tombstone 6-1-58 Cattle Drive with Sam Buffington
  72. Lux Radio Theatre 03-07-49 Red River with John Wayne Walter Brennan Joanna Dru ST
  73. The Lux Radio Theatre 03-12-51 She Wore A…Yellow Ribbon with John Wayne and Mel Ferrer
  74. The Lux Radio Theatre 11-12-51 Winchester 73 with James Stewart and Stephen McNally
  75. The Roy Rogers Show 1-18-52 Herb Selby Holds Up a Bank with Roy Rogers
  76. The Roy Rogers Show 1-25-52 Telegraph Wire Cut for Revenge with Roy Rogers
  77. The Roy Rogers Show 7-1-54 Y’all Come with Roy Rogers
  78. The Roy Rogers Show 7-8-54 The Spell of Indian Magic with Roy Rogers
  79. The Roy Rogers Show 7-15-54 My Little Buckaroo with Roy Rogers
  80. The Roy Rogers Show 7-22-54 The River of No Return with Roy Rogers
  81. Screen Directors Playhouse 07-15-49 Yellow Sky with Gregory Peck
  82. The Gulf Screen Guild Theatre 02-02-41 Destry Rides Again with Henry Fonda
  83. The Six-Shooter 7-15-53 Ben Scofield with James Stewart
  84. The Six-Shooter 9-20-53 Jenny with James Stewart
  85. The Six-Shooter 1-3-54 A Friend in Need with James Stewart
  86. The Six-Shooter 1-10-54 Hiram’s Gold Strike with James Stewart
  87. The Six-Shooter 1-31-54 Trail to Sunset with James Stewart
  88. The Six-Shooter 2-7-54 Apron Faced Sorrel with James Stewart
  89. Tales Of The Texas Rangers 7-22-50 Apache Peak with Joel McCrea
  90. Tales Of The Texas Rangers 7-29-50 Trigger Men with Joel McCrea
  91. Tales Of The Texas Rangers 2-3-52 Rub Out with Joel McCrea
  92. Tales Of The Texas Rangers 2-10-52 Hitchhike with Joel McCrea
  93. Tales Of The Texas Rangers 3-2-52 Iceman with Joel McCrea
  94. Tales Of The Texas Rangers 3-9-52 Dream Farm with Joel McCrea
  95. Tales Of The Texas Rangers 3-16-52 Prelude to Felony with Joel McCrea
  96. Tales Of The Texas Rangers 3-30-52 Night Hawk with Joel McCrea
  97. Wild Bill Hickok 09-23-51 Dangerous Wedding with Guy Madison and Andy Devine
  98. Wild Bill Hickok 10-07-51 Mixed Brands with Guy Madison and Andy Devine
  99. Wild Bill Hickok 10-21-51 Mysterious Fist with Guy Madison and Andy Devine
100. Wild Bill Hickok 10-28-51 Range War with Guy Madison and Andy Devine

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