Old Time Radio's Greatest Mysteries, Collection 2

Product Description

The golden age of radio had incredibly scary mystery shows that kept Americans chilled and thrilled. Families gathered around their living room radios to be entertained by the greatest names in Hollywood each and every day. This terrific collection of 12 great radio mystery shows includes Vincent Price on Escape, Ava Gardner on Suspense, Ray Milland recreating his film role in “The Uninvited” on The Screen Director’s Playhouse, Robert Cummings on Four Star Playhouse, Ed Begley as star of The Molle’ Mystery Theatre, Berry Kroeger on Inner Sanctum Mystery, Arch Oboler hosting Lights Out!, the true story of Jack the Ripper on Crime Classics and many more!

The Whistler 6/13/42 “The Shrunken Head” w/ Joseph Kearns
Four Star Playhouse 8/14/49 “The Hunted” w/ Robert Cummings
The Weird Circle 11/12/44 “The Returned” w/ Arnold Moss
Inner Sanctum a.k.a. Mystery Playhouse 4/15/44 “The Walking Skull” w/ Berry Kroeger
Escape 6/30/50 “Blood Bath” w/ Vincent Price
Lights Out! 8/10/43 “Sakhalin” w/ Arch Oboler
Murder At Midnight 11/11/46 “The Dead Come Back” w/ Raymond Morgan
Suspense 5/1/47 “Lady in Distress” w/ Ava Gardner
The Screen Director’s Playhouse 11/18/49 “The Uninvited” w/ Ray Milland
The Sealed Book 5/20/45 “Welcome Home” w/ Phillip Clarke
The Molle’ Mystery Theatre 8/8/47 “Goodbye, Darling” w/ Ed Begley
Crime Classics 6/30/54 “Good Evening, My Name is Jack the Ripper” w/ Lou Merrill

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