Strange Highways and Other Stories

Product Description

14 classic Dean Koontz short stories. One chilling collection.

In "Strange Highways," a floundering alcoholic gets a mysterious second chance to relive the night his life began its downward spiral 20 years ago. But on this dark journey, he’ll be supremely tested by conflict with his successful, charismatic older brother, his loss of faith, and the clash between good and the ultimate evil.

Sink into this binge-worthy collection of beloved Koontz short stories, featuring denizens of hell, vengeful children, and eerily human-like robots that will send shivers down your spine.

  • “Strange Highways”
  • “The Black Pumpkin”
  • “Miss Attila the Hun”
  • “Down in the Darkness”
  • “Ollie’s Hands”
  • “Snatcher”
  • “Trapped”
  • “Bruno”
  • “We Three”
  • “Hardshell”
  • “Kittens”
  • “The Night of the Storm”
  • “Twilight of the Dawn”
  • “Chase”

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