Tales from the Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night: A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments

Product Description
Bawdy and exotic, Tales from the Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night features the wily, seductive Scheherazade, who saves her own life by telling tales of magical transformation, genies and wishes, flying carpets and fantastical journeys, terror and passion to entertain and appease the brutal King Shahryar. First introduced in the West in 1704, the stories of "The Thousand and One Nights" are most familiar to American readers in sanitized children's versions. This modern edition, culled from the first three volumes of Richard F. Burton's famous ten-volume translation, restores the sensuality and lushness of the original Arabic. Intricate and imaginative, these stories continue to captivate audiences as they have for centuries. The following stories can be found in this audiobook: "Tale of the Bull and the Ass" "Tale of the Trader and the Jinni" "The First Shaykh's Story" "The Second Shaykh's Story" "The Third Shaykh's Story" "The Fisherman and the Jinni" "The Tale of the Wazir and the Sage Duban" "King Sindibad and his Falcon" "The Tale of the Husband and the Parrot" "The Tale of the Prince and the Ogress" "The Tale of the Ensorcelled Prince" "The Tale of the Three Apples" "The Hunchback's Tale" "The Nazarene Broker's Story" "The Reeve's Tale" "The Tale of the Jewish Doctor" "The Tale of the Tailor" "The Barber's Tale of Himself" "The Barber's Tale of His First Brother" "The Barber's Tale of His Second Brother" "The Barber's Tale of His Third Brother" "The Barber's Tale of His Fourth Brother" "The Barber's Tale of His Fifth Brother" "The Barber's Tale of His Sixth Brother" "The End of the Tailor's Tale" "Nur Al-Din Ali and the Damsel Anis Al-Jalis" "The Birds and Beasts and the Carpenter" "The Hermits" "Tale of the Water Fowl and the Tortoise"

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