Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Fabulous Freelance (Old Time Radio)

Product Description
Wherever there's a scheme afoot, radio's fabulous freelance insurance investigator is on the job to stop it! Bob Bailey stars as Johnny Dollar, picking up the ringing telephone to take on cases of double indemnity and double cross, foul weather and foul play.

Bailey is the definitive Dollar - the character's wry sense of humor fits the actor like a tailor-made suit. He's a man of keen analytical skills and good nature, a man who can use his fists in a tight spot without being an obnoxious tough guy

Hit the road with our hero for thirty five intriguing episodes, including five 5-part serials (two of which are missing a middle chapter).

Includes a Program Guide by Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.

Episodes Include: The Salt City Matter (Parts 1, 3, 4, and 5) 04-02-56 - 04-06-56; The Callicles Matter (Parts 1 - 5) 04-30-56 - 05-04-56; The Long Shot Matter (Parts 1 - 5) 06-25-56 - 06-29-56; The Alder Matter (Parts 1 - 5) 08-06-56 - 08-10-56; The Imperfect Alibi Matter (Parts 1, 3, 4, and 5) 09-17-56 - 09-21-56; The Kirbey Will Matter 02-03-57; The Suntan Oil Matter 03-10-57; The Clever Chemist Matter 03-17-57; The Peerless Fire Matter 05-05-57; The Heatherstone Players Matter 07-14-57; The Charmona Matter 09-08-57; The J.P.D. Matter 09-15-57; The Doubtful Dairy Matter 09-29-57; The Mary Grace Matter 10-20-57; The Model Picture Matter 11-03-57; The Ghost to Ghost Matter 05-18-58; The Midnight Sun Matter 05-25-58

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